Garden Designers

How does GardenCOSTS help you as a Garden Designer?

Talking about meeting clients’ budgets through and easy to use system, cost databank to price accurately and itemised schedules for jobs.

Accurate costings of your proposed design

Feed the elements and quantities into GardenCOSTS. You will build up an accurate prediction in detailed format that shows you and your client what the garden is likely to cost once it goes to tender.

Don’t get your jobs shelved due to budget ignorance.

Get your Job built!

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Duplicate Jobs

Duplicate your Jobs within GardenCOSTS to test different permutations of material qualities or even planting densities or tree sizes. 

Give your clients you design ideas with cots options attached.



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  • Easily understand the costing and the product or process addressed.
  • See the product or installation details that are being costed. 
  • Minimise the surprises that you and your client get when your tenders come back from your chosen contractors.

Talking about meeting clients’ budgets through an easy to use system, costs databank to price accurately and itemised schedules for jobs.

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GardenCOSTS is created from experience

Our specialist practice was started in 1991 by Sam Hassall, the principal.

Sam studied civil engineering and Landscape construction management abroad, completing his studies in 1982.

He has expertise in all aspects of Ground engineering, Landscape construction, as well as horticulture, botany, and soil sciences.

He has over 25 years’ experience in the Landscape installation and aftercare industry.

His work experience includes civil construction and an extensive base in landscape construction and management.

Our projects range from £30k up to £10 million.

We are regular guest lecturers in Landscape project costing, contract management and computer applications in the industry.